Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where ya been T.I.?

That there is a darn good question. As I posted on Someguys blog...all my grades are in. Been in for about a week or so now. Not as much punch as that used to have. I hear others say that they have just gone and given up looking online for them to come in. Not Someguy of course. LOL
Not much to say and that's reason I ain't been posting on this here blog-a-ma-boo. I am trying to catch up on my movie watching though. Man these movies suck. I managed to re-rent M.Knight.Shymalanmanann-or-whatever's "the Village". That movie still pissed me off the third time. Good Job MKS.
Everyone's working. No one is around that much.
They are giving us a new student lounge by the way. Nice and redone. All new furniture. About time. I never really sat in the old one because the seats stank and it was just too damp. I hope they do some natural wood or redwood type motif.
Went to the beach recently. Yup, SoBe is still there and ticking. I am sort of turning into one of those Miami folk who takes the beach for granted.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."