Tuesday, May 02, 2006


So I decided to go into the absolutely quiet, quiet room. That's the fishbowl in the library. For those that don't know, the fishbowl which should really be called the fishaquarium, is located on the second floor right behind the main elevator.
Anyway so I'm in there and I see all these people.

I can tell they aren't law students b/c there books are strange colors with designs and pictures on the front. They also have these notes with what looks to be shapes made with protractors (you remember protractors..i haven't seen that crap since middle school precal).

Anyway, so I set up right. See I make sure to turn my phone in silent mode and my computer is on silent itself until i plug in my headphones. You can also tell the other law kids in the room b/c they have the ear plugs (orange, yellow, green). Anyway, after 10 minutes of sitting there, this dude answers his phone. I just stopped. He answers his phone and proceeds to have a convo. WTF. I am looking at him and I guess his buddy gets to hint and gives him the arm-shove to get out of the room. Ok, he's an a-hole. No prob. He's out. Ok. Cool.

So I go back to reading right. A few minutes later this girl's computer gets a little IM alert. Her shits not on silent mode. WTF. So she answers the IM and I guess the God of Dumbasses sends her a knock in the head and she turns off the sound. Ok, that was SF annoying. No prob. We are back on course. Remember that guys with the phone. Well he's back the room and he answers the damn phone again!

I am a pretty even tempered person. Like Someguy. But I do have my days and this was not the one to be screwing around on esp. during finals. I just wanted to hurl my civpro book at the wall above his head. Instead I just stared at him and his friend. They both left after another 15 minutes. I was still staring as they left. Man! Ok. All good now.
Bag of chips gets opened. I'm out! I packed up my items as quickly as I could and headed over to the StarBucks. At the least the noise becomes white noise after about five minutes.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."