Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Liberal vs. Conservative

Every once in a while I check on some blogs to see what is being said or discussed. I am not quite sure how to react to this post so I will just react as I usually do. I will say that I am not sure if I would buy Prof. Jones rallying/or writing about hatemongering towards white males. Has the poster read the book I wonder? If the poster has, please decipher it for me.
As for the Liberal ex-Yalie Law prof trying to release all the blood-thirsty terrorists, um... if you really talk to that group of lawyers, it was never really about Padilla at all and really, Padilla lost big time.
I and some friends of mine have issues with comparisons to "run-of-the-mill white boys" who are possibly accused of alleged rape. Is there anything worse than being falsely accused of raping someone?

I'd do a conservative UM law wrap up but don't have the time or inclination. Too many undercurrents for me to speak about that anyway except to say that there are always two sides. Why else would being a lawyer be so much fun.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."