Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Abdala/Korman Saga Continues....

Previously I posted a forwarded email sent by a buddy of mine. The debated continues throughout blog land. You can pick and choose: here, nightline's got it, even a rockstar, and it goes on and on. More and more folks are debating the ethics and reasoning behind the infamous exchange. The original article by Sacha Pfeiffer has set off a sensation. You can write her or him at for any further developments.
It seems, per further perusal, that Abdala comes from a fairly well-to-do background and has sought to have Korman sanctioned for dissembling the email. Like I said before, don't put it on paper (or the proverbial paper).

See, now what I would do, I would buy that domain name see. and make a fortune while I could. Maybe reenact the whole email scandal, and yeah, use words like "infamous" and "scandal". You'd have to download RealOne player in order to view the reenactment (so this way I could charge RealOne so type of fee b/c they would be making money). Maybe set up some type of confrontation w/ Korman on the steps of the courthouse and have the local media there or even invite Nightline. Then, Like BritKev, I would go on my site and tell my story and show pics of bruises or even a link that would force you (Ah-Ha) to download RealOne in order to see the confrontation. See that is what we are lacking as lawyers- the ways of a hustler mentality.

(Disclaimer: all crazy thoughts posted on this blog are not a product of the author. If it makes money, then yes the idea was all mine. If something happens and there's trouble, It wasn't me.)<

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