Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So I wanted to blog about something before the month is over. Let's see.

Yup got em. And so do you. Who gives a flying flip burger. What's the difference between a 4.0 student who has passed the bar and a 2.1 student who has passed the bar?
I don't much really care about grades these days. I should of course but water under the bridge and all. Still waiting for that thunder clap or break in the clouds that tells me I want to stay here. Yup, still waitin'.

What else? What have I observed during the past few weeks?
Well, it really is a big cycle of the same old crap. The 1Ls act exactly like the 2Ls and I am sure that we are acting exactly like the 3Ls. Here that they have the same freakish gunners in certain 1Ls classes (A.E.) that we had last year. Really when people always say, "Yeah, there is always that one apple..." you would think that that one particular apple would be able to see it. I mean they tell us, don't be that guy. But sure enough, look up and there he is. BTW, is there a reason that this apple is ALWAYS A GUY? I mean when I think back, I have never seen a woman who truly fills the bill of "Psycho-gunner-gone-mad".

There have been a bunch of upper level students running around in school lately. All the 1Ls stare and wonder what the heck are they doing. Is it OCI? Some forum? What? Don't worry folks, LitSkills rears it's head.

The bus system on campus is atrocious. I waited 17:36 for the Express Fountain bus the other day. I was so mad, I swear I almost yelled at the dang driver. I checked myself b/c I know he's just doing his job. And why the heck do you need to stop right in the middle of a passage way to talk out of you driver's damn window to another driver for forty seconds? Didn't I just have to wait while you sat your happy ass 50 feet away from the stop for the last two minutes? And if you honk at me again to walk down to you instead of stopping at the appointed place, I swear I will throw an egg!

1Ls have discovered the evil of LRW (legal research and writing). You could do a most excellent job on your transcript but if you have a C in LRW, you are screwed to high hell. I mean yeah you could explain it away but how often will you even get that chance. I just know that there is a SECRET reason as to why these lawyers come back and teach that class. I just haven't figured it out yet. I mean not all of them are bad. I have heard of great ones. But those that really suck and don't give any good CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, why are they here? why?

I have gotten some good email lately from the school. But I will share those at another time. Right now it's back to the daily grind. (or nitely)

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."