Tuesday, December 13, 2005

1.5 yr (2L)... Done.

So it's finished and I can't wait to get back home and really chill. Been going over my schedule for next semester and revising. Wanted to take it easy but due to monetary issues, I won't be able to. Sucks.
Got a couple of gigs lined up for the summer. I just gotta pick, here or home. Who knows. Some are better than others.
Exams were cool. I really didn't care to be quite frank. My eye is on the finish line right now and what I need to be set to cross it.

Been reading other posts about the law-school-drag. It all comes down to choices I think. Sometime you make the right ones and sometimes you don't. Just gotta learn from both, I guess. Man will it be nice to be back home. I never wanted to rest so much.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."