Friday, November 25, 2005

Why I Am Sick of SoBE!

So I went out after TG to SoBe (south beach) which I loath and we went to the DeLano. Nice spot actually. I just wish the folks in this damned town were so much more down to earth. Anyway, we are all hangin by the pool bar ...

Now let me stop right here to discuss something real quick... The damn prices. I understand that if you have money, it means nothing to you. And that's ok, i guess. But damnit when I order a drink, whether it be a funky-azz martini or a corona, give me a DRINK. Don't give me some pansy ass shot glass and call it a drink, esp. at the freakin rates you are selling them for. I understand the "no glass in pool area rule" but you really need to charge me $18.00 for a small/shot martini plastic glass and then $10 for a can, yes CAN, of corona... which by the way tasted funny. Does that really make me more special or cooler than the peeps in Coral Gables or Ft. Laud? I don't think so.

Anyway, so we decide to go sit on one of the beds by the pool side. First off, I didn't want to sit on the damned thing because I swore I saw some chick earlier "revisiting" her last drink on another bed as we came in. But we sit. Some of my friends had their friends visiting from London and wanted to show them a good time. After we are cooling out for bit, some guys walk by, drunk of course, and one spots some hot girls and decides to layout on the bed with us. This of course brings the rest of his friends (5 in all). So I don't say a word and they proceed to talk to the girls and unfortunately, as I am thinking in the back of my mind don't say a word b/c as soon as they here the accent, BINGO, "oh you are sexy". Jesus, I wanted to smack him for being so smart. Anyway, they start to corner the girls but I keep my cool and let them talk. My bud J-Son finally comes back and he starts to get that look. A few minutes go by and one of the girls gives me the look of "oh my god, help me" to which I respond (in my firm, listen to what i say command).. "Good night Gentlemen and thank you for stopping by". After the quite two seconds when the guys looked put out and my friends tried not to laugh, one of the dudes says, "Well!.. I know when I'm not wanted." Again, I wanted to applaud him for his smartness.
So them left and my new friends say to me in that classic English accent, "That was brilliant! Thank you." J-Son said that he was about to do something and was glad I spoke first.
Like I said, the "firm-do I as say command voice" requires immediate acquiescence.

So this is classic SoBe and why I usually never attend any festivities down there. I like things simple. What can I say.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."