Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome Back LawFool

Let me be the first to respondido and say excuse my bitchin. LF your insight, level-headedness, prose have been missed. My response here is sort of free thought b/c I am definitely not going to sit and compose a LR article. Thanks for calling me level headed by the way.
I have to say that I see and understand what you are getting at. My response in answer to the difference is: “The Entitlement Theory”. It’s a theory that I have discussed with many here at UM (be they operating under that theory or not). Students here at UM, in my O-pine, have this sort of WIFM-entitlement thought process. “I should have gotten … b/c I”, “I don’t have to do … b/c I have …” or “I don’t have to show respect to … b/c I am or my family is …”. It’s really disgusting. Even more disgusting is that I have started to fall into that line of thought. Part of this problem is also added onto by the school itself and some of the admin. When you foster an environment that allows students to think themselves above others and allow them to buy wholly into the Entitlement Theory, what else are we to expect. I would also add that this is Florida, even it is South Florida. Don’t forget that the range of experiences here will be “slightly” different than Michigan. Yeah, some will say that a lot of these students went to other schools from all over the country. Something happened to those students when they crossed the southern line. Even now I am typing away in a class. Yesterday, 5 people passed in a 4 credit course… I mean that flat out told the Professor (a more learned person than they deserving of every kind of respect), “You will have to call on someone else.” Yes, a student told the Professor these words. Once again, disgusting. I mean could that student have just said, “I apologize Professor BillyBob but I am unprepared today, MAY I pass?” LF, I wonder what that Professor would have said/ nay thought in response to the second sentence vs. the first sentence. I won’t even begin to go into the way that student treat certain profs as compared to others.
So back to my Entitlement Theory. You said that students there know that they have opportunities but still work to get even better ones. I constantly hear people (many many students) complain here about what the CPC (career planning) should be doing to get them jobs. Please!!!! If you don’t know by now that YOU have to maximize any and all opportunities that you can or that you have to sometimes go out and make it happen, you are in for a long depressing road and I really don’t feel sorry for you entitled azz. You decided to come to a school where the chance of getting a job is decreased by half because more that half the people in schools across the country want to come to Sunny-South Beach Miami.
My diatribe is not complete but again this is another’s blog and I won’t take up anymore space.

HOWEVER, all that said, I will say that LF, you do make it sound like ice cream, parties, and hot naked chicks all over up there. I KNOW that there are bad points. I know that there are things that are better in MIA-UM than in Mich. Can we hear the other side? So, I would say in the end that the students there most likely aren’t smarter or even better. Like you said you didn’t expose yourself to as many as I have and I would venture to say that the same is going on up there. I’d say that all in all, people are neck-in-neck. Law school is still a big high school situation no matter where you go. The P/F option at your school, I feel, has a lot to do with the psyche of the students there. I wonder what would happen if next year, you guys faced GPA/Grade system of UM. I feel that maybe your worst fears might be realized and Mich would seem pretty similar to that distant school you used to go to.

If I missed something, pls forgive. It was free flow.

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