Friday, November 18, 2005

Race Discrim... Part II

I thank you for your clarifications on my behalf. I wonder if this is ever, in my lifetime or my progeny, going to be fixed. My answer is a resounding NO. Do I necessarily endorse this scholarship? NO. I think that in the end game, it does nothing. I think that these types of things foster hate/anger by persons who feel as that they are left in the cold. I think that it leaves minority students scrambling for that 1 spot that is opened to them.

I would agree that basing LR entrance on race is a huge flub. I am not for that at all. I'd have to do some looking into the dwindling numbers of minorities in the LR lately. I think that this is also across the board for most law schools.

I do agree with Thomas on a lot of issues (as I roll my eyes). Unfortunately we start to get into other areas (social science) that the law historically does not like to use to account for things.

Again, I guess I would ask the firm why only those people

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."