Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Strike 3...

I am tired people. I just want to chill with a cup of joe. I want to bug the shit out of my roomy in peace. Is that too much too ask? Anyway this class that I am in (am) is frankly hilarious. I would say that the rightys always show up to voice their opinion here or there and quite frankly can be down right damned insulting and rude to the professor. Then when there is a meeting to discuss ideas and this meeting doesn't necessarily follow your views, you don't want to show up to learn a little something of which you really have no idea about because you have already made up your mind about the subject.
You know I have gone to some meetings where I did not necessarily agree with what was being said, but I wanted to know what the ideas were. I wanted to understand and get a feel for where that person was coming from. I didn't dig my heels in and bury my head as so many others have.
One of my classmates told me that he thought that law school and people attending lawschool were supposed to be some of the top minds and thinkers around. He was utterly surprised by some of the comments and disrespectful attitudes evidenced in class discussion. I laughed and checked myself.... I forgot, even with his accent, that he is not from here (US i mean). He hasn't seen some of the shit that I have or experienced these same type of comments from people who really don't know what it means to have not. I told him that there are some students fortunately that don't feel this way and actually are interested in learning about others. Unfortunately, they keep quite and don't say much. I just hope that they think some of these comments are as ridculous as I think they are.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."