Thursday, May 12, 2005

THey ARe OVer!!!

First off, I wanna thank god for being there for me. Then I wanna thank my moms for supporting me when I needed it. To shooky from the block, i'm always there homey....
Anyway, no really I am glad they are o-ver! I am now officially a 2L. Boy that year went by fast. For all the people who know me and for all the faith, I humbly thank you. Yes I will be working this summer, unlike all my other sap-friends who are going abroad to boost their grades... yeah I would have gone too if I could have found the cash. I look forward to the new crop this next season b/c I will be warning them of all the dangers and pitfalls that await the unsuspecting. LAWSCHOOL is still amazing, even with all the backward azz thinking people and their latent hatred. Lets you know that even with the "upper-crust" you still have people who think that race is a disease easily caught.
But anyway, I am off to catch up on movies for the time being and some restaurants (even thought MIA has THE sorriest service that I have ever experienced/this has not changed in the
year that I have been here) and FINALLY TO SEE THE BEACH....whooohhoooo!!!!
Hurricane season is upon us once again and Nelly's "hot in here" will be blasting on all radios.
I will patiently await the HEAT X2.... you figure it out.

***** CONGRATS ALL GRAD 3LS*************

Peace all and I will see you soon.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."