Friday, February 11, 2005

My roommate has turned into me...

Yes, it's official. My roommate has found the way to get completely under my skin. He has become me. MAN and am I fucking annoying! Did not realize this. I feel like I am watching William Shatner on StarTrek. For the past week, I have been dreaming of ways to ring his neck as he hits every last one of my buttons.
Jesus was I this bad in the beginning... I don't think so. I am so loveable. Maybe it's just him. Yeah...that's it. It's him and not me. Woooo...dodged a bullet there.

Just heard that South Texas law school is number 1 when it comes to Moot Court. Can't hate... I mean if you have to be 4th tier, you better be good at something. Damn Texans.

And another thing, why the hell can't we have NAPSTER like every other paying UM fool walking around out there. The president of the school Shalaala has not returned my email. I think I am being deprived of due process here.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."