Sunday, January 30, 2005


You know I hate to keep going on and on about Miami but a friend I spoke to really cleared it up for me last night. This is a vacation town. A place where people come to get away from their own crazy worlds. This is not a place where most choose to live, so why should they really care that most of it sucks.

What precipitated this convo? Well I was kinda going on and on about how much stuff sucks out here like- the food in the grocery stores (veggis are mostly rotten by the time they get down this far south because everything is trucked in), the restaurant service or lack there of (like we went to this place called 'the Diner' and it's supposed to be upscale and with price like south beach I expect some ass kissin' but the waiter acted like we were wasting his time), the people really aren't that nice out here (just down right rude at times and too ass-uming at times), and just other stuff in general.....

More than likely I will go back home where it better by my standards. Sorry MIA.
** So for those who may pass 'the Diner', their baked alaska is good but I don't recommend the burger.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."