Thursday, October 21, 2004

A job offer with over 20 comments. U rock AL

I read this post (about a 3L who had not responded to a job offer) on another blog from anonymous Lawyer and I wonder sometimes at the sheer ignorance of people in the world today. Alas, I speak of the comments that were posted after AL's post, to which I then gave my 6 shillings:

I read the yeazell's guide to it all, holmes roll in the "great tuna debacle", Camp K.'s guide to being a good speaker, Dobbs thoughts on the pussey-knee syndrome, Mentschikoff theory on everything is nothing and nothing is everything, and I also know that Aspen rules the world. I really do understand it all now that I am about five weeks away from finals. I am going to make a great lawyer and make lots of money. I wanna be that 3L right now who won't just give in. Who says lawyers aren't the smartest people on earth. We save lives everyday. Of coarse, who says that even if I make the grades I will get a job and make lots of money. Please. Money begets money. Ju have read this and ju think it doesn't make sense... Ah ah ah, think my friend.

QUOTE of the Month: "because I said so..."